Institutional Services

Transition Management Advisory Services

At Sherbrooke Street Capital, the transition management advisory services team provides advice to asset owners to help them better understand the key issues related to their transition management needs, and keep them abreast of developments in the marketplace, both locally and globally. Asset owners are broadly defined to include pension plan sponsors, investment funds, insurance companies, family offices, foundations and endowments.

A transition management service provider is retained by asset owners that decide, for example, to change an investment manager in their portfolio or alter their asset allocation as a result of long-term strategic issues; assets involved in a given transition event could include a combination of equities, fixed income securities, foreign exchange, derivative instruments, etc.

Transition management projects may involve single asset class portfolio transitions (e.g. U.S. equity), portfolio liquidations, portfolio fundings as a result of cash inflows, as well as more complex strategies involving multiple asset classes, execution venues, currencies and time zones.

The role of our transition management advisory services team is to work with asset owners prior to, during and following the completion of the transition event to ensure the provider selected carries out its mandate in a transparent manner with full disclosure of all explicit and implicit costs involved and implementation strategies used.

Although transition management is sometimes described as a temporary event-driven project, we believe it is both a critical and recurring component of an asset owner’s long-term investment process.