Sherbrooke Street Capital was founded in 2004 by Sam Zacchia, when he acquired and renamed the former investment division of GGA, which he had created and built over a number of years. He was joined by his colleague Ken Lee who became an original shareholder of SSC and a vice-president and director of the company.

Alberto Galeone joined SSC as a partner in October 2004, and was named Director, Treasurer and CEO. He established SSC’s Capital Markets Division, focusing on Fixed Income markets.

In September 2006, David Jones joined SSC as a partner and was named Director and Executive Vice-President, focusing on investment services.

To the deep sadness of the SSC team, Sam Zacchia passed away in February, 2008. Led by Alberto Galeone in the role of President, the team has continued to build and grow SSC in keeping with Sam’s vision for the company he founded.

To accommodate our growing business, in May of 2014 we moved to a new location in a renovated bank building on Notre-Dame Street West in St-Henri.