Capital Markets

Our Capital Markets team includes highly qualified professionals who act both on an Agency and Principal basis to conduct transactions between institutional clients such as governments and pension fund managers. They participate in the underwriting of new bond and equity issues and provide secondary market support to both institutional clients and our individual investors.

National Instrument 24-101, Trade Matching Statement.

Access to our experience in this area provides an added benefit for our individual clients.

We are focused on providing our clients personalized and value-added service as well as objective recommendations. We provide objective recommendations through agency trades. We offer a wide selection of products so that our clients can benefit from the best opportunities available in the markets at any given time.

We serve a select but broad range of clients, ranging from very large institutional accounts to smaller semi-institutional accounts.

Typical clients are:

  • government issuers
  • government treasuries
  • insurance companies
  • public pension funds
  • portfolio managers
  • private pension funds
  • mutual fund managers
  • corporate treasuries
  • high net worth managers.

We specialize in the Canadian fixed income primary and secondary markets.

We transact securities of all types of issuers such as:

  • Canadian federal government
  • crown corporations
  • provincial governments
  • cities and municipalities
  • publicly listed companies
  • American and European governments
  • foreign corporate issuers.

We offer our services in the full spectrum of fixed income securities including:

  • t-bills
  • banker’s acceptance notes
  • corporate notes
  • straight bonds
  • zero-coupons
  • zero-interest residuals
  • callable bonds
  • puttable/extendible bonds
  • fixed floaters
  • floating rate securities
  • step-up interest securities.